Follow These Instructions To Start Mining PHI Using Your CPU. Participant In PHI Chain Decentralized Smart Chain To Run A Node And Become A Validator. Before You Proceed Make Sure Geth Is Installed On Your CPU. How To Install Geth?

  1. geth –networkid=”4181″ console
  2. geth account new

Follow the prompts and enter a good password. DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD. Also take note of the public PHI address which is printed at the end of the account creation process. In the following examples, we will use 0xC95767AC46EA2A9162F0734651d6cF17e5BfcF10 as the example address.

Now start geth and wait for it to sync the blockchain. This will take quite a while.

3. geth –mine –miner.threads=4

4. geth –miner.etherbase ‘0xC95767AC46EA2A9162F0734651d6cF17e5BfcF10’ –mine 2>> geth.log

Congratulations You Are Now Mining PHI Using Your CPU Power

To monitor the syncing, in another terminal you can attach the geth JavaScript console to the running node like so:

geth attach

and then at the > prompt type